ENSEMBLE in black & white


What type of event is best for this type of music?
Our repertoire is appropriate for all types of elegant affairs; corporate dinner parties, private receptions, and holiday parties, as well as sacred and secular wedding ceremonies.  We play the perfect music to fit any special occasion or celebration!

Our extensive music library gives us the opportunity to offer a wide variety of musical styles for your event. From the ambience of light classical selections to the energy of Joplin's rags, ENSEMBLE in black & white offers you the freedom to choose music that evokes meaningful sentiments and special memories. 

Does ENSEMBLE in black & white take special musical requests?
Given ample time, we are able to honor special musical requests. ENSEMBLE in black & white will be happy to acquire new music to fulfill your requests or write special arrangements to include one of your favorite songs or pieces in our playlist.  All we need is access to audio recordings of the selection and ample time to write out the music (a week or two).  The cost for requesting special arrangements is $75 per song.

Can ENSEMBLE in black & white perform with additional musicians?
ENSEMBLE in black & white offers a wide range of options to help you create your ideal wedding music ensemble. From the number of musicians to the unique instrument combinations needed to capture the ambience you are looking for, we can help you customize a package that reflects your musical tastes.  

Why does ENSEMBLE in black & white take a deposit?
We require a minimum 25% deposit in order to reserve your special event in our calendar. Your willingness to make a downpayment indicates a commitment to hiring the ensemble to perform for your special event. 50% of the deposit is refundable for twenty (20) days or more before Event date.

Can ENSEMBLE in black & white perform live music for an outdoor event?
Yes. ENSEMBLE in black & white are happy to perform for your outdoor wedding or event given that the following conditions are met:

  • String instruments, such as violins and cellos, are particularly susceptible to damage in extreme outdoor weather. The instrument varnish and glue can melt and the wood can crack if exposed to the elements. Our instrumentalists will not perform in direct sunlight when temperatures exceed 75 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Low temperatures can also be very damaging to the wood. Given the sensitive nature of the strings and their tuning, a temperature below 55 degrees is too low for a quality performance.
  • In order to insure the safety of the instruments, ENSEMBLE in black & white requires a covered performance location that protects the instruments from occasional rain droplets and direct sun. Tents, gazebos, or shady spots with rain cover are sufficient.  Additional fees apply for outdoor events.

ENSEMBLE in black & white
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